The Goddess of Reason 21

The Goddess of Reason 21

There are no stars to-night!




There are! There are! Eternally they shine

Beyond this din, beyond these sulphurous clouds!

And there’s a stairway, red and white and blue,

By which to climb to some most famous star

Of glory and of love! Yvette! Yvette!

Climb thou with me unto that golden star!




Rémond Lalain




Come thou with me, Yvette!

Come thou with me from out this sluggish place!

Come thou with me into the furious storm!

What dost thou here, thou spirit of the wind,

Restless, with deep eyes and with parted lips?

Thou knowest thou hast naught to do with holy things.

Tear off that white headdress! Red is thy colour!




Ay, red is my colour!




Last night, the while

I spake of War and all the place was still,

A sudden vision blazed above the lights

I saw thee dance the Carmagnole!




Now, now!

What whispers he to her upon the road?




To-nightah, should I raise my eyes to-night

And see thee smiling there, Yvette, Yvette!

Beside thy sisters in the galleries!

Upon thy twilight hair the bonnet-rouge,

At thy small waist a pistol and a dirk

Only the Revolution in thy soul

And in thy heart my name, my name, Yvette!




It thunders now, but ‘twill be clear to-night.

The moon will shine, the roads will all be white.




The roads will all be white, the moon will shine,

The poplars quiver and the eglantine,

The broom and honeysuckle will be sweet,

Upon the road to Vannes


[_Lightning and thunder._ LALAIN _walks to the door

in the wall, tries it, then with a stone from the

ground beats back the rusty bolt_.




An easy door!




The moon will shine




I’ll go this way, ma foi!

Not by the wall!




The silver poplars sway!




René de Vardes, once I did call thee friend

And took a deal of pride in that possession!

How runs the world away! ‘Twas long ago!




Ah, ah, that fearful dream I had last night!

And while I dreamed they walked beside the Loire!




This night he rides away. Didst know?




I knew!




He’s said farewell to thee, but not to her!




Wilt thou begone!




Ay, through this door, Yvette!

‘Tis easy, as thou seest. And ah, to-night

The storm o’er past and shining bright the moon

And the cold nuns all telling o’er their beads,

How simple ‘twereO priceless liberty!

Thou wouldst not be the only one, I trow,

Who may not walk beside the silver Loire!




Name of a name!




Adieu, adieu! To-night

I’ll see thee sitting in the galleries


[_Exit_ LALAIN.




Ah, how the thunder shakes the air!


[_She moves to the door in the wall and replaces the

bolt, then returns to the fountain._


‘Tis so!

He is her lover! Oh, he loves her true!

What will they say and whisper all the night

Through light and shadow on the road to Vannes?

Despair!But I’ll not stay within these walls!


[_Knocking at the door in the wall._ YVETTE _crosses

the stage to the door_.


Who is there?


SÉRAPHINE (_within_)


Yvette! Yvette!






SÉRAPHINE (_within_)


And Nanon too!




The deputy’s sister!




Let us in!




I dare not.








Wait: I dare!


[_She draws the bolts. The door opens. Enter_ SÉRAPHINE

_and_ NANON. _The former is dressed in complete

carmagnole: short skirt, rolled-up sleeves, sash

of tricolour, and a bonnet-rouge. Pistols at her belt._

NANON _is more soberly attired but wears the bonnet-rouge.

The door closes behind them._에 대하여 02-3482-0075 stretchmark scar treatment 화상흉터 및 튼살치료
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